Income Tax Preparation

What you need to bring to your Appointment?

1. If you are a new client, please bring physical copies of your 2013,2014 Federal and State tax return.

2. Please bring your w-2 forms, 1099 Misc forms, Interest income from Banks, dividend income, K-1 forms, pension or IRA(retirement) distributions forms, student loans forms, brokerage account forms.

3.If you paid for childcare dependent care expenses please bring providers name, address, federal identification number or social security number and the amount for each child. If you have a nanny and handle employment taxes, please bring your completed schedule H

4. Please summarize your itemized deductions including: medical expenses, auto excise tax, tax preparation fees, custodial fees, financial planning fees, interest on mortgages and home equity loans (bring applicable forms 1098), mortgage insurance premiums, real estate taxes, casualty and theft losses, investment related subscriptions, uniforms, cash and non-cash charitable donations (bring receipts for non-cash donations), safe deposit box fees and unreimbursed job related expenses such as job seeking expenses, cell phone charges, tools, luggage, online fees, trade journals, travel, meals and entertainment.

5. If you sold stocks or mutual funds, please prepare a spreadsheet showing the date you bought “each” item that was sold along with the total purchase price of “each” item sold. Note: Do not assume your cost information is provided on Form 1099B. Please carefully review all your stock sales on form 1099B to ensure you have the purchase date and cost information for each stock or mutual fund sold during the year. Please bring all 1099B forms to your appointment.

6. If you converted a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, please indicate the amount of any applicable after-tax Traditional IRA contributions you made over the years. If you were self-employed during 2015, please prepare a simple 1 page income statement which summarizes your gross self employment income during 2015 and your applicable expenses categorized and summarized by the type of expense (i.e. advertising, equipment, supplies, etc).

7. If you owned rental property during 2015, please prepare a simple 1 page income statement showing the gross rental income you received during 2015 and your applicable expenses categorized and summarized by the type of expense (i.e. advertising, mortgage interest, real estate taxes, repairs, maintenance, condo fees, etc). We'll also need to know when you started renting the property and how much you originally paid for the property less the value of the land on the purchase date and the FMV of the property less the value of the land on the date you began renting the property.

8. If you are deducting a portion of your home for business use, please calculate the square footage of the area used for business. In addition, we will need to know the date you began using the space for business, how much you originally paid for the property and a summary of your utility expenses (gas, electric, oil, condo fees, landscaping, snowplowing, maintenance, etc), major home improvements and direct office expenses (repairs, business phone, etc).

9. Please summarize the rent you paid during 2015 and your landlord's name and address.

10. Please summarize your moving expenses. You can only deduct the cost to move your household goods, storage and the one time trip to make the final move to your new location.

11. If you qualify to deduct your graduate school expenses, please summarize how much you PAID in tuition and books DURING 2015. Note: amounts paid for tuition may include loans credited to the University DURING 2015. If applicable, please have on hand how much you received in scholarships or fellowships DURING 2015. Please bring Form 1098T (Tuition Statement) and all your actual tuition billing statements for 2015. You can also bring in receipts for computers and peripherals you purchased for school during 2015. Note: Form 1098T (Tuition Statement) represents tuition BILLED during 2015. This is NOT always the number we use. You can only deduct the amount of qualified tuition PAID during 2015. Please also provide the amount of any tuition which was reimbursed by your employer. Finally, bring a copy of your most recent resume

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